Lightning Melt

Lightning Melt is premium medium-sized salt that reduces application rates by 30 – 50%! Tap into extreme melting power to (-20°F), with quick burn and long lasting residual effect. The consistent sizing and aqua color makes an effective and easy-to-spread product that is quick to melt snow and ice. Lightning Melt is safer for pets, sidewalks, plants and equipment.


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  • Premium sized salt crystals for ultimate performance
  • Extreme melting power to ( 20°F), with q uick burn and long lasting residual effect
  • Aqua color for improved visual spreading
  • Safer for pets, sidewalks, plants and equipment
  • Pre-treated with magnesium chloride, organic carbohydrate-based additive and coated with a corrosion inhibitor


Lightning Melt TDS

Lightning Melt SDS


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