Synthetic Cutting Coolant (238)

Synthetic Cutting Coolant (238) is a heavy duty, semi-synthetic cutting coolant for machining of all steels and gives good performance with copper alloys. To eliminate the possibility of staining, copper alloys should be cleaned after machining.


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  • Built in bactericide to eliminate odor
  • Semi-synthetic – no odor
  • Lightly color tinted for spectograph readings
  • Economical — high dilution rates


Dilution Rates:

  • Tapping & Drilling: 5:1 up to 10:1
  • Turning, Boring, Sawing: 10:1 up to 20:1
  • Lathes, Milling: 15:1 up to 20:1
  • Grinding: 20:1 up to 30:1


238 TDS

238 SDS


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