Highly Reflective Flooring
for Hemp & Cannabis Growers

Superior’s team of experts will work with you to optimize conditions at your cultivation facilities, production, packaging and distribution centers.

Our reflective, high-performance floor coating systems are specifically designed to help you maintain the right cleanliness, temperature, and lighting for perfect growth conditions.

Our green-friendly grow room flooring options and 100% solids epoxy coatings are solvent-free, emission free, and VOC-free. Our systems will not disrupt your operation or harm your plants.

highly reflective flooring

Benefits of Highly Reflective Flooring Systems for Grow Rooms

  • High Reflectivity Enhances Your Yield
  • High Durability and Longevity
  • Easy to Install: Pre-Measured Kits, Self-Leveling Formula
  • Antimicrobial, Water-Based, and Chemical-Resistant Options  Available
reflective flooring system

(8120) Epoxy Floor Coating

Epoxy Floor Coating (8120) is a 100% solids, super strength coating and sealer for high traffic floors. It is packaged in an easy-to-use pre-measured kit with no VOCs. It is excellent for containment areas, especially when an acid and chemical resistant coating is required.

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(8126) Waterborne Epoxy Primer

Waterborne Epoxy Primer (8126) can be used as a standard primer under most Superior flooring or wall systems. It can be used as a concrete finish sealer where low or no topical film build is desired, or as a pre-primer under other Superior primers/coatings where extreme bond strength is required due to poor substrate conditions.

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