Patch Solutions

pre-measured epoxy patch kit
Floor Patch
chemical resistant epoxy patch
Oily Floor Patch
damp surface epoxy patch
Damp Patch
chemical resistant epoxy patch
Chemical Resistant Patch
freeze patch concrete crack
Freeze Patch
thermostable patch
ThermoStable Patch
Vertical patch
Vertical Patch
Ranger Patch RD-12 bucket
Ranger Patch RD-12 Damp Concrete Patch
Ranger Patch RU-10 bucket
Ranger Patch RU-10 Cementitous Urethane Floor Patch
Ranger Patch RE-18 bucket
Ranger Patch RE-18 100% Epoxy Concrete Repair
Image of man holding down an American Road Patch seal over the asphalt pothole repair.
American Road Patch
Cold Patch
Crack Gone
Crack Gone


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In 1972 in Detroit, Michigan, Superior Manufacturing began developing cleaning and degreasing products for its industrial clients. In the 49 years since our founding, we have become a trusted leader in the manufacturing and white labeling of a comprehensive range of maintenance, repair, and operations products, as well as the development of custom product solutions to meet each customer’s unique needs.

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