About Superior

Superior Manufacturing was founded in 1972 to develop cleaning and degreasing products for our industrial clients. In the 50 years since our start, we have become a trusted leader in the manufacturing and white labeling of a comprehensive range of maintenance, repair, and operations products.

Thanks to our on-staff product engineers and chemists, our clients have also come to rely on us for the development of custom product solutions to meet each of their unique needs.

Depend on Superior for products that outperform and outlast the industry’s best and for service that outruns the competition.

High Performing Products
Products that outperform and outlast the industry’s best.

Fast Turnaround
48-hour shipping of our manufactured products. Depend on it.

Reliable Customer Service
Referral-worthy experiences for every single client.

Meet the Team

David Chernow

Ira Berkowitz
VP of Sales

Alan Yuhas
Sales Manager

Andy Thomas
Lead Chemist

Olti Tile
Technical Purchasing Manager

Ledion Curi
Plant Controller

Rita Rocheleau
Production Supervisor

Christy Winters
Business Development Manager

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