Toll Blending

Have your custom product formula mixed, packaged and distributed.

toll blending chemical products

Experienced Manufacturer

Whether you are a large organization or a small startup company, Superior Manufacturing can service your toll blending needs. You provide some or all of the necessary raw materials and let our experts do the rest.

Our program gives your organization access to a manufacturing partner with 40 years of experience so you can focus on growing your operations. Our manufacturing outsourced services can be used for a number of circumstances: geographical expansion, production facilities in closer proximity to clients, the need to add production capacity or seasonal production ramps.

As a DOT Haz Mat registered shipper we also can assist in arranging domestic and international, drop and blind shipments for your products.

Superior Partnership

In-house Lab Resources
Match, Improve & Reverse Engineer Formulas
Provide Technical and Safety Data Sheets
Ability to Ship Product Directly to You or Your Customers
Private Labeling Available

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