Vertical Patch (404)

Vertical Patch (404) is a 100% solids, Kevlar™ fiber reinforced epoxy-based patching compound used to repair concrete, brick, metal, steel, fiberglass, wood and some plastics on vertical or inverted surfaces and to fill in and smooth mortar joint lines larger holes and cracks on cinder block walls.


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  • Will not sag or slide
  • Can be used to build thickness
  • Repairs concrete, brick, metal, wood, steel, fiberglass and some plastics – not for use on polypropylene, polyethylene or Teflon
  • 100% solids – no solvents
  • Can be sanded, drilled and/or painted after full cure



  • Single Kit: 7-8 sq. ft. at ¼” per kit, packaged in a 2 gallon pail. .86 gallons of A in a plastic bag and .24 gallons in a quart container.
  • Master Kit: 40 sq ft at ¼” per kit, 4.30 gallons of part A in a 6 gallon pail and 1.20 gallons of part B in a 3 ½ gallon pail.


404 TDS

404 SDS


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