Professional Reflective Facilities

Flooring Systems for Cannabis and Hemp Growing Operations

cannabis hemp grow room reflective flooring system

Enhance Your Yield. Ensure Cleanliness. Avoid Known Pitfalls.

Superior’s team of experts will work with you to optimize conditions at your cultivation facilities, production, packaging and distribution centers.

Our reflective, high-performance floor coating systems are specifically designed to help you maintain the right cleanliness, temperature, and lighting for perfect growth conditions.

Our green-friendly grow room flooring options and 100% solids epoxy coatings are solvent-free, emission free, and VOC-free. Our systems will not disrupt your operation or harm your plants.

High Reflectivity
High Durability and Longevity
Antimicrobial Option
Water and Chemical Resistant Options
Pre-measured Easy to Use Kits
grow room before and after

Our Solutions

We will consult with you on the best solutions for each part of your facility.

• Water-based Clear and Pigmented Urethanes
• 100% Solids Clear and Pigmented Epoxies
• Direct to Metal Coatings
• Concrete Polishing
• Concrete Sealers, Finishes and Water Repellants
• Crack and Expansion Joint Filler
• Substrate Moisture Content Testing
• Epoxy and Urethane Mortars

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    cannabis grow facility epoxy floor and wall
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