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  • solvent-based urethane coating

    Solvent Based Urethane Coating is a conditioning, penetrating, urethane sealer to protect concrete and terrazzo against wear, stains, grease and extraneous moisture by actually becoming part of the concrete leaving a glossy, clear film on top of the floor.

  • water-based urethane coating

    Water Based Urethane Coating is a water emulsion, clear urethane sealer that seals and hardens old, as well as
    new, concrete and terrazzo and incorporates a durable film within the concrete that creates adhesions
    between the aggregate and cementious material which prevents efflorescence or “blooming”.

  • paint stripper

    Methlyene Chloride-Free Stripper (210) is a non-chlorinated stripper formulated to provide effective removal of cured paints, epoxies and urethane materials.  It is available in two formats: Liquid (210 L) and Gel (210 G). The high viscosity of the gel product provides better retention on vertical or uneven surfaces.


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