Water Based Urethane Coating (213)

Water Based Urethane Coating is a water emulsion, clear urethane sealer that seals and hardens old, as well as
new, concrete and terrazzo and incorporates a durable film within the concrete that creates adhesions
between the aggregate and cementious material which prevents efflorescence or “blooming”.


  • Seals concrete and terrazzo
  • Prevents dusting
  • Protects against stains & wear
  • Slip resistant
  • Quick drying – touch dry in 30-60 minutes; dries hard in 1-2 hours when applied in thin coats
  • Makes concrete and terrazzo floors acid, alkali, oil, grease, soap and water resistant
  • Helps overcome uneven porosity in many terrazzo floors
  • Covers approximately 500 sq. ft. per gallon


Antimicrobial Sealer TDS

Antimicrobial Sealer Clear SDS

Antimicrobial Sealer Pigmented SDS


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