Epoxy Floor Coating (8120)


Epoxy Floor Coating (8120) is a 100% solids, super strength coating and sealer for high traffic floors. It is packaged in an easy-to-use pre-measured kit with no VOCs. It is excellent for containment areas, especially when an acid and chemical resistant coating is required. Our Epoxy Kits give old worn-out floors a new abrasion resistant surface that will stand up to acids, alkalies, solvents, heat and cold and to protect new floors from wear, spills and damage. Private label Epoxy Kits through our Private Label Program.


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Epoxy Floor Coating (8120) is an especially designed kit containing epoxy resins and an activator that when mixed together make a high quality, self-leveling epoxy floor sealer that can be spread to cover approximately 400 square feet per kit. The epoxy kit gives old, worn out floors a new abrasion resistant, skid-free surface that resists acids, alkalies, solvents, heat and cold for years to come.


  • Super strength coating and sealer for high traffic areas
  • Resists chemicals, impact, corrosion and abrasion
  • No VOCs/odor—unlike solvent-based epoxies
  • 100% solids epoxy resins—no loss from evaporation
  • Will not break down at temperatures below 550°F
  • Can be applied as a non-slip finish
  • Available in a variety of colors as well as clear


  • Mini Kit: 200 sq. ft. at 10 mils DFT
  • Standard Kit: 400 sq. ft. at 10 mils DFT


8120 TDS

8120 SDS


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