Ramp Coating

Ramp Coating is a 100% epoxy solids product designed as a long wearing, high friction surface for loading ramps and similar surfaces that experience heavy forklift traffic. Friction enables forklifts to move up and down ramps safely under wet and slippery conditions. 100% Epoxy Ramp Resurfacer can be used for exterior applications and will cure under cold damp conditions


  • Contains high friction, long wearing aluminum oxide aggregate mixture.
  • Aggregate will not crush or wear down due to heavy traffic.
  • Aggregate is dispersed throughout coating so that if surface aggregate is dislodged, new aggregate is exposed to maintain high friction surface.
  • Tough and highly impact resistant; will hold up to steel wheels.
  • Cure time is approximately 4-8 hours at 70° F for foot traffic. Allow 24 hours for vehicle traffic. Will cure down to 32° F. Cure time is longer when cured under cold conditions
  • Coverage is approximately 25 – 30 square feet at ¼” thickness (recommended thickness).
  • Bonds to concrete, steel and wood
  • Single Kit contains 4 pounds resin, 2 pounds hardener, 34 pounds aggregate
  • Master kits and Super Master kits are available


Ramp Coating TDS

Ramp Coatings SDS


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