Damp Coating (8123)

Damp Surface Epoxy Coating (8123) is a concrete floor sealer and primer for use on floors contaminated with animal fat, cutting coolant, transmission fluid, etc. This primer cures under wet, damp and humid conditions. It can be applied to concrete, metal, wood, fiberglass and most plastics, but is especially effective on oil-saturated surfaces.


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Damp Coating (8123) was developed to serve as a primer or clear coat over surfaces that have oil contamination. It has been tested effective over a broad range of oils and fluids, including motor oils, vegetable oils, transmission fluid, etc. Although this product will cure under damp conditions, it is not meant for underwater applications.



  • Cures at temperatures down to 40°F
  • Used as a primer for epoxy or urethane systems
  • Low viscosity
  • Clear
  • Adheres to most oil-saturated surfaces
  • Cures under damp conditions
  • Can be used as both a primer or sealer



  • Single Kit: 1 gallon Part A and ½ gallon Part B (covers approximately 250-300 sq. ft.)
  • Double Kit: 2 gallons Part A and 1 gallon Part B (covers approximately 500-600 sq. ft.)
  • Master Kit: 5 gallons Part A and 2 ½ gallons Part B (covers approximately 1250-1500 sq. ft.)


8123 TDS

8123 SDS


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